Fire Safety - The Big 9 Legal Duties

The London Fire Brigade identify 9 legal duties an employer must follow after completing a Fire Risk Assessment:

1) You must make appropriate fire safety arrangements identified by your FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT

2) You must nominate people to undertake any special roles identified in your EMERGENCY PLAN

3) You must consult your employees (or their representatives) about nominations to perform special roles and about your proposals for improving the fire precautions,

4) You must inform other responsible persons in the building about any significant risks you found which might affect the safety of their employees and co-operate with them about measures to reduce the risk,

5) If you are not an employer but have any control over a premises you also have responsibility to ensure compliance with the Order in those parts of the building over which you have control,

6) You must establish a suitable and readily available method of calling the emergency service,

7) Your employees are required to co-operate with you to ensure the premises is safe from fire.

8) You must, so far as is reasonably practicable, eliminate or reduce the risk from dangerous stances.

9) You must provide information to your employees on the risks identified by the risk assessment.

London Fire Consultants can provide with assistance in undertaking all aspects of fire safety.